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Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1 book download

Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1 by Akihisa Ikeda

Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1

Download Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1

Rosario+Vampire, Volume 1 Akihisa Ikeda ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 192
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 9781421519036

3 (Manga) Rosario+Vampire Season 2 Vol. BARNES & NOBLE | Rosario+Vampire, Volume 10 by Akihisa Ikeda. Outlandish tales about transforming into. This is Rosario + Vampire, Volume 1, an unexpectedly engaging and thoroughly enjoyable High school-themed romance manga with a humorous supernatural twist. Rosario + Vampire Vol.1 Downaload,Rosario + Vampire Vol.1 Jap, Rosario + Vampire Vol.1 Read,Rosario + Vampire Vol.1 RAW, Rosario + Vampire Vol.1 Onlin. Looks like I spoke too soon about not having the time to pick up my Kinokuniya order. Manga Review: Rosario + Vampire Volume 1. Art Rating: A-; Packaging Rating: A-; Text/Translation Rating: B; Age Rating: 13 and Up; Released By: Viz Media; MSRP: 9.99; Pages: 192; ISBN: 978-1421531366; Size: B6; Orientation: Right to Left; Series: Rosario+Vampire Test 1: Magical fruit. I have succumbed to whatever creeping crud is going around the office, so I don't have the attention span for a full blown review. 2 (Manga) Rosario+Vampire Season 2 Vol. This volume of Rosario+Vampire Season II finishes up the story from the previous volume with Tsukune and wanna-be girlfriends trying to rescue fellow wanna-be girlfriend Ice Fairy Mizore. 1, written by Akihisa Ideka, centers around Tsukune. + Sugar Sugar Rune, Volume 1 & 2 by Moyoco Anno (Library) + Rosario Vampire, Volume 1 by Akihisa Ikeda (Library) + Strawberry Panic, The Complete Collection by Sakurako Kimino, Namuchi Takumi (Library). Tsukune is a poor student who failed his high school exams. Title: Rosario + Vampire Author: Ikeda Akihisa Genre: Supernatural, Action, Romance, Harem Released: Season 1 - 2004-2007, Season 2 - 2007-Ongoing Volumes: Season 1 - 10, Season 2 – 4. Story and Art by Akihisa Ikeda Published in the US by Viz Slugline: Not another doomed vampire romance. They must first face Moka's second oldest sister, Kalua who is also the I quickly lost interest in the volume as the girls all plotted and fought over who would get to be with Tsukune, usually in the guise of training. Yet another new girl in the latest volume of Rosario + Vampire. When confronted with a man-eating (and monster-eating) magical fruit A. Shonen Jump Twofer – Muhyo & Roji Vol 13 & Rosario + Vampire Vol 3 · 1 Comment.

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